About Us

We are a philanthropic  based business ,  trying to do and inspire the positive 

changes that we want to see in our communities.  We give a percentage of our sales 

to local nonprofits  we support.  Currently we have a mission to create our own nonprofit 

that supports  our pollinators as well as our community members that are in the most need ! 

We have been building small  homebased gardens to help those that are food insecure to 

help supplement their need and create a form of empowerment rather than reliance .

You can be ensured that a large percentage of your purchases from our small company 

are being put to good use through our pollinator outreach projects.



We are only as good as our very actions and the integrity that we bring into our everyday lives.  we all have the power to make another person day better. We all are important.  It is al the smaller changes that we do that unite to make the most lasting impressions on each other.  Today can always be a time to create change. And when we work together we can make miracles happen.


Healthy Products

 Organic Elderberry syrup

Organic Herbal Teas

Organic Spice Blends

Organic Herbal Syrups

Organic Cosmetic line including, face creams,  lip balms,  deodorants ,

herbal infused massage  oils

much more 



Community Outreach

-Community and Home Gardens for those in need!

-Educational agricultural and holistic classes available to all 

regardless of financial circumstance

-Pollinator projects to help improve our numbers of our pollinators



Real Results

Current projects

-Sussex County Home garden project for a community member in need to help supplement her food 

– Warren county – 5 small raised garden beds for pollinators including  a butterfly garden, hummingbird habitat,  bee garden, 

-seedling donations to families in Sussex and Warren Counties.

-fundraising  efforts  for Lennons House a nonprofit for Kids and adults with special abilities, to raise funds for a recreation  center and home .

Community Education for Birds of all feather a virtual community  offering art , music and wellness lessons 




Average donated Contribution from product profits


Free donated classes to community


Certainty that our goal is a good one


percentage of laughter to tears

My Story

Meet Jennifer, CEO

 I started my  company All Things Good in 2011.  It originated in the kitchen of my home in Hopatcong NJ.  Having taken my love of natural things and creativity to create an assortment of organic body care products. I consider myself a kitchen herbalist transforming organic herbal ingredients into some beautiful wellness products. In 2019 I expanded to add herbal syrups and  teas into production,  These are produced in a commercial Kitchen located in Sussex , NJ ,  Using the products I make to be a fundraiser for philanthropy has brought me the most joy . I have taken my lessons on the farms I have worked on over the years and have been able to share the skills I have learned with others to help create gardens for those in need. It is my wish to continue this important work, and shares the joy and helpfulness of what comes out of a garden with others. I believe this will be one way we can empower and uplift our communities. 




My Approach

I tend to believe in growing organically , both in the fields as well as in life, Everything flows and unfolds  in perfect timing .  I prefer to work with those that are ethical in their practices and believe in sustainability for both the planet as well as for the positive socioeconomic impact of our communities. I am a true believer in community . We are at  our best when we work together as a community.

Unique Framework

We have created alliances and partnerships with those that share our ideals in our community.  We work with other nonprofits that share our similar core values and goals to help uplift each other  and help support each others goals to put forth positive changes in our world.

This is where a future testimonial will be when I figure out just which one to pick! thanks for bearing with me as we grow this beautiful company and movement.