A new project we are proud of working on is on the Art Farm near Blairstown NJ! I am so proud to be a part of this beautiful project ! Art Farm is home to artists Marybeth and Richard and Marybeth’s son John. This year Marybeth was effected by work closure due to the crippling world event we are all feeling the impact of.. I was happy to support their gardens, With donations of some vegetable and herb plantings. Current projects include an upcycled hoop house as well as hot boxes to help extend the season of growing on the Art Farm. I love being able to help those in my community and I am so grateful for the inspiration that Marybeth and Richard have added to my life with their art and healing philosophies. Future Spring goals are to have a local bee keeper work with us on the Art Farm and host home to a new hive ! We are hopeful to have our own bees here to help pollinate the gardens here as well as allow us to help protect and encourage the growth and safety of these beautiful creatures. As part of The Jersey Bee Crazy philosophy , we are hopeful to share the many gifts that these bees create , including their honey with those in need at most risk in our communities!

All of our agricultural projects we work on are funded by profits from sales on our website. I am so grateful for our communities continued support. Please keep up to date with our projects here on the blog at jerseybeecrazy.com