To say that businesses have had to pivot and change during the covid 19 Pandemic would be an understatement. There have been many caveats that I have encountered this year with my new business venture. Supply Issues have been just one. The ability to purchase ingredients and packaging have been disturbed with so many shortages It has made me dizzy. Many of the small businesses that sell my products were themselves experiencing these issues as well as having closures and restrictions that have affected my company. It has been hard to watch as the may friends I have made that own businesses have gone through so much . Have had so much fear for what will next come. It is truly hard for small companies to compete with larger corporations and during this wild ride in our current history that struggle has been all the more impacted. I am amazed at the creativity of so many of the stores and cafes that I work with that have adapted and evolved. As part of this evolution I had decided to move forward with my membership based subscription plan to help ensure that I can keep costs steady , and so that I can make my company sustainable, I’m excited to offer these options to my customers . I also apologize for the work that seems missing. Or if a page looks incomplete or a photo is missing. I am preety proud of the amount of effort and love that go into each and every finished product I make. But literally that is where the magic is . I am stringent on what ingredients i use. I source only the best organic , fair trade, biodynamic high quality herbs, oils, honeys and so much more that I can, I am the single mamma , Trying to give back to her community and help lift up others. I am the the person making each and every jar of elderberry syrup and every lip balm you put on your lips and tea you drink into your soul. I’m lucky and blessed for the many friends and family that have supported and encouraged me during the most trying times . Creating a business from the ground floor with really nothing more than some money I earned in tips from massage work I have done to being able to hire some help occasionally has been a big accomplishment for ALL Things Good! LLC.(Jersey Bee Crazy) But Im hoping to do more and employ more and enrich our world more and I know that it can be done, because the world is filled with so any amazing people,. Sometimes we all need a little help so that we can pivot together. So please consider supporting small companies like mine that are truly planning on impacting our world . Together we can move mountains!

Much love and graditude,

Jennifer Major